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You may have read my columns over the past couple of decades in Emergency Medicine News, MedPage Today, the Greenville News, SC Baptist Courier or others. If so you know that I try to provide commentary that is reasonable, compassionate, thoughtful and sometimes funny.

However, you may be new. If so, great! I write about a variety of topics. Much of what I write is based on a view of the world seen through my work as a physician. Others focus on issues of family, faith or culture.Hemingway said that war was the best school for writers. (I’m paraphrasing.) I’ve never been to war. But I’d argue that medicine and marriage/parenting are the other best schools for writing.

Sometimes I’ll write about what’s frustrating in medicine and other times what’s wonderful about marriage. This may be a hindrance since many writers have a specific niche. But so many things inspire, fascinate and frustrate me that it’s hard to keep it very narrow.

I’m new to Substack so please be patient and I’ll try to make this a great experience for all of my readers.

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